Bar Exam Mind – Day 4

by thedesertion

That would be a bad way to start off the afternoon.

Said the man who was almost hit by a car while he was attempting to cross the street on campus.

Then I opened my Bar Exam Mind book and the first quote for today was:

If thou may not continually gather thyself together, do it some time at least once a day, morning or evening.

– Thomas à Kempis

So the comment by the guy who almost got hit by a car seems as though he hits a sort of reset button in the afternoon. I don’t usually think of my days in terms of morning, afternoon, and evening. The way I live my day is just that – simply day, without delineating different parts of that day.

I think it’s a great idea to look at your day as distinct parts, like sub-days. Morning, afternoon, evening, such that each has a starting and end point. Like the Thomas à Kempis quote above, it is a great idea to gather oneself sometime in the day, morning or evening. By gathering oneself, one can look at a day in different parts and dismiss the bad and ugly parts of a day. Had a crappy morning? Gather yourself and start fresh in the afternoon, like the guy who almost got hit by a car.

Today’s exercise in the Bar Exam Mind book was probably one of the greatest ones yet. The exercise was called a “visualization.” Essentially, in very short form, you picture yourself studying, then packing your backpack, heading to the exam, performing your best, seeing your name on the pass list, and then attending the swearing in ceremony. I performed this exercise and recorded myself visualizing the entire scenario playing out. Reciting it all took about 15 minutes. I plan to play back this recording every day as a sort of meditation exercise.

Visualizing how I plan the bar process turning out was actually empowering. It was kind of like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book. I was in control of the entire storyline. I am always a negative nancy, a debbie downer. I am starting to see how visualizing the best case scenario can just simply feel really good. I should let myself get used to it.