Bar Exam Mind – Day 5

by thedesertion

Just as a reminder to my readers, I am reading a book by Matt Racine titled Bar Exam Mind: A Strategy Guide for an Anxiety-Free Bar Exam. The first time I took the bar exam, I felt that my Achilles heel was the failure to manage test anxiety and the stress surrounding the bar exam. This time, I am dedicated to eliminating anxiety and building self-confidence. I was just a few points away from passing and I truly believe that but for the anxiety, I would have passed. I would have had a clear and focused mind that would have enabled me to approach the exam questions with confidence.

Today, I did a series of actualizations. Actualizations are a way to crowd out negative thoughts and focus on positive ideas. Today’s exercise was as follows: write down these phrases 10 times.

I passed the bar exam.
[name], you passed the bar exam!
[name] passed the bar exam.

By writing this affirmation, you are looking at a positive outcome in three ways. In the first affirmation, you’re saying it to yourself. In the second, you hear others telling this affirmation to you. In the last, you hear others talking about you, affirming your accomplishment.

This was a great exercise. Filling your mind with positive thoughts doesn’t leave any room left for negative thoughts. I wrote these affirmations down with pen and paper. According to the Bar Exam Mind, If we write something down, it is much harder to distance ourselves from the statement memorialized in the writing.

Other positive affirmations I made today are:

    I deserve success and I have earned it.
    I am relaxed, calm, and focused.
    I study for the bar exam with ease.
    My mind stores and recalls information effortlessly.
    Each day, my life gets better and better.
    I am strong, healthy, and beautiful.
    I have a great and happy life.