Bar Exam Mind – Journaling Exercise One

by thedesertion

I had taken a step back from journaling my thoughts on the bar exam and from reading Bar Exam Mind. I was really worried about focusing on my studying and completing all of the tasks that I had set out for myself each day. Now, I’m back to journaling because today I read Chapter 4 of Bar Exam Mind. It says the reason why journaling regularly throughout the bar exam study process is important is because through all the studying, you’ll forget to spend time assessing the progress of your studies. Without journaling, you might not spend time thinking about how you feel about yourself and your future and you won’t understand what’s going on in your mind. Without journaling, negative thoughts may start to build up inside and you may not even notice it. By journaling, you sort through all of your thoughts and place them down so that you can move forward.

This week without writing about my bar exam experience and sorting through my thoughts, I kind of felt like I was flailing around, sort of spinning my wheels. I got some quality studying done, but now I am seeing the importance of taking a step back to sort out my thoughts and assess my progress.

Today’s exercise is this: make a list of everything you are thankful for and everything at which you have been successful. The purpose of this exercise to create a list to which you can refer when you’re having a doubtful day during your studies. It helps to see that there are other things to life than the bar exam, and that the bar exam is just one piece of life’s puzzle. If throughout my studies for the bar something comes to mind that would be a great addition to the list, I will add it.

Things I am thankful for:

  1. my parents
  2. my husband
  3. my dogs
  4. my humble home
  5. my supportive friends
  6. being in good health

Everything at which I have been successful:

  1. my two bachelor’s degrees

My lists seem short. I think this is an indicator of poor self esteem.