Rating of Barbri Lecturers

by thedesertion

Who does this guy think he is, making us take notes on his lectures without a lecture handout? Does he think he’s too good to come up with a lecture handout? I paid 3 G’s to take my own damn notes?!

I don’t care who he thinks he is. Professor Roger Schechter is bar none the best lecturer on Barbri’s repertoire. He keeps the material interesting and his jokes are hilarious. Mind you, he makes the same jokes on video as he does live in person. However, he adds a little je ne sais quoi in person that makes his personality more funny and engaging. He really keeps you awake and attentive for the time you’re in the lecture hall. Professor Schechter has an excellent way of “dumbing things down” so that you really understand the essence of the topic.

Coming in second place is Professor Paula Franzese live in the flesh (as opposed to her videos). She is an all-around amazing woman. She sings songs and has lots of little anecdotes, mnemonics, and whatnot. She does the same thing in the videos but it’s just doesn’t have the same effect. Professor Franzese also claims that her father invented the dish, Penne a la Vodka. Who knows. But she is a great lecturer in person. And Penne a la Vodka is delicious. She has a soothing voice, at least to me, so grab a big coffee before you take your seat in the lecture hall.

Coming in at a very close third place for greatest Barbri lecturers is Professor Erwin Chemerinsky. Last time I did Barbri, I watched his videos and they were great. I can’t wait to see him in a couple of weeks in person. That man single-handedly made the study of Constitutional Law into what it is today. His Con Law supplements got me through one year of Con Law courses. I love that man; he is a Con Law god. He’s like my honorary great-uncle Erwin, but he doesn’t know it.  Such a cute old man.

Another lecturer I really enjoy is Professor Chad Noureil for Crim Law and Crim Pro. Really great lecturer and great guy – I had the honor of seeing him live in person and chatting with him in an elevator ride.

I really don’t care for any of the other lecturers.

I have watched many videos and live lectures by the same professors and I have to say this: the lectures live in person greatly surpass the lectures on video. Being in there and seeing them in person keeps you more engaged and more awake. I know it’s annoying for people to commute down to the Barbri lectures, but I don’t live far from the lecture hall – I can walk or ride my bike, so it’s worth it for me to go. If it’s not too much of a hassle for you to go in person, I would really recommend that over the videos. You can leave right after the lectures are done and study elsewhere, if studying at the law school library is anxiety-inducing or distracting. I get a lot of people who come up to me to chat, and I hate it!