The real reasons why failing the bar sucks

by thedesertion

Your friends and family pity you to your face, ridicule you in private, and then are sure to let you know that they’re having a good time this summer, but that they’re just checking in to see how you’re doing.

They send you all kinds of text messages like, “hey, just wanted to see how your summer is going.”

“I’m hanging out on the beach. Getting all this sand in my Barbri books sucks.” – Said no bar retaker ever.

How the heck do you think my summer’s going? Oh that’s right, you passed and I didn’t. So you really have no idea how my summer’s going.

Then you receive pictures of your friends and family on vacation with smiling faces captioned, “wish you were here!”

They ask you to do all sorts of distracting things, like go out to lunch or out to the bar. Or your sister decides to dump your nephews on you and then head out for a day of shopping. I didn’t sign up for this crap. I signed up for the bar. Again.

People will always say they understand what you’re going through, including your family. Then they blast every TV in the house and get mad when you hide in your room all day.

What’s really painful is that you’re in a time in your life when you are trying to be the most positive person you can be, and everyone around you is sabotaging that.

The only person who understands what a bar retaker is going through is a fellow bar retaker.