The 10 People You Meet at Starbucks While Studying for the Bar

by thedesertion

I’m going to do my own version of YOLaw’s most recent post. I think he’s hilarious. What’s really funny is that bar study is essentially the same around the world. I’m here in the American desert and YOLaw is based in the Philippines, but if I didn’t know he was in the Philippines, I’d have thought he was studying at the Starbucks around the corner from my apartment. I could use a little comic relief on my blog. I attempted some by posting that meme featuring Lumburgh from Office Space last week. I’m still laughing at it!

So here it goes in very short form, and not nearly as hilarious as YOLaw’s rendition:

The 10 People You Meet at Starbucks While Studying for the Bar

  1. The homeless guy who goes into the restroom and takes a shower in the sink.
  2. People that appear to be working really super hard at absolutely nothing while being highly pretentious about it. You know the whole “don’t even look my way because you’re so below the level of what I’m doing right now” look.
  3. Guys that try to start up a conversation with a girl who is sitting by herself. That girl is always me.
  4. People that have a book in the left hand and some excessively over-sugary extra-whipped-creamed domed-top iced drink in the right hand, acting as though they’re reading when that can’t be possible because the noise level is at about a dull roar.
  5. People who have earphones in and think the rest of the world has disappeared. Offensive bodily functions galore.
  6. The guy who sits right in the middle of the 3-seater couch, leaving no personal space for anyone else who may be looking for a comfortable seat.
  7. The girl who is talking loudly on her cell phone, making every detail of her private life known to all those who enjoy coffee.
  8. Awkward coffee dates stemming from an online dating site. Hey, online dating works! I know a few couples who have met and married and have online dating to thank.
  9. The person who creates a fortress of books, turning Starbucks into a law library rather than going to a real library.
  10. The person who is tired of the library and just needs a change of scenery and interaction with the non-bar-exam-study world. That’s me.