Bar Exam Mnemonics

by thedesertion

I’m always looking for some good bar exam mnemonics. There are a few great ones that some of the barbri instructors provide, but I would like to see more. Here’s a list of a few that I can think of at the moment and I’ll add more as I think of them. Some of these are a little off-color, but the shock value is what makes them memorable.

Secured Transactions

A Crispy Apple Pie Provides Perfect Dessert – when doing an Article 9 essay, here are the steps for analysis

A – Attachment

Crispy – Classify Collateral

Apple – Attachment

Pie – Parties (identify them)

Provides – Perfection

Perfect – Priority

Dessert – Default (rights upon)


Warranties of Title – the first three are pre-closing, the last three are post-closing.

Seasoned Convicts Come Quietly, What Fucking Assholes or Seasoned Convicts Engage in Quiet Whisper For Assistance

1) Seisin 2) Right to Convey 3) Encumbrances 4) Quiet Enjoyment 5) Warranty 6) Further Assurances

Federal Procedure

Personal Jurisdiction analysis – My Parents Frequently Forgot to Read Children’s Stories / Mary Prefers Facial, Frequently Requesting Cum Shots

Minimum Contacts
-Purposeful Availment
Fair Play and Substantial Justice
–States interest

Statute of Frauds
Marriage, Year, Land, Executor, Goods $500+, Surety