That’s LAWkward…

by thedesertion


Bar Exam Barbie

Don’t get me wrong, sitting in Barbri (and law school for that matter) ranks up there with sitting in the dentist’s chair as far an entertainment or cruel and unusual punishment goes. But occasionally there is a big of law humor thrown in there to spice things up. And we’re not talking the daily Aggie jokes (sorry ATM friends) that get resounding laughter from everyone but the kids decked out in their undergrad maroon. People make fun of my undergrad too, just roll with it.

But there are the terms in the legal world that you just wonder how someone could ever get up in front of a jury or judge, or Barbri class, and say them with a straight face. And for that record, how could someone actually make that a professional term? What were you THINKING?


So in a joint effort to post, and do a little vocabulary…

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